Peter Habenicht of OutWrite is a rare and gifted communicator – both as a writer and in-person. He’s a remarkable strategic thinker who blends principle and clarity to inspire action. OutWrite is infused with these skills.

Theodore L. Chandler, Jr.

     Managing Director, NRV - New Richmond Ventures, Inc.
     Former Chairman and CEO, LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc. 

OutWrite has the ability to quickly penetrate to the heart of a situation, understand it, and come up with ideas that solve it, improve it, or merely make it possible to communicate it clearly to a given audience. Add to that their skills as presenters and writers, and you have a group with a rare set of abilities.

Gary Koops

     Chairman, U.S. Media Practice

OutWrite has the unique ability to think strategically, problem-solve effectively, and communicate it all like Hemingway.

Bill Chapman
     Former Executive Director, The Richmond Forum and President of RightMinds, Inc.

As a member of the (Cadmus Corporation) leadership team, Peter proved himself to be an insightful leader, a team builder, a gifted strategic thinker, and a willing hands-on partner.  I want OutWrite in the room when difficult problems need to be solved.

David Hajek

     Former Corporate Officer of Cadmus Communications, Inc., and President of Cadmus Graphic Solutions

I’ve always admired Peter’s writing ability, but I truly envy his gift for leading OutWrite in simplifying the most complex issues to increase the level of understanding that surrounds them.

Lloyd Osgood

     Communications Consultant; and Adjunct Faculty, University of Richmond School of Business
     Former Communication Director at Weinstein Properties and SVP, LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc.

In addition to his communications work with such recognizable public firms as Cadmus and LandAmerica, and agencies such as The Martin Agency and RightMinds, Peter Habenicht is well-known for the role he and OutWrite played in elevating the stature and positive perception of organizations such as Richmond Public Schools and Big Brothers Big Sisters.  I wouldn’t hesitate to turn to OutWrite for guidance on marketing, public relations and journalistic issues.

Robert J. Grey, Jr.
     Senior Counsel and Former Managing Partner
     Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP 

In a word, OutWrite is more for the money. It is one of those rare birds that’s as smart as they sound, and as sharp as they seem.  If they tell you they can help you, they can -- and will.

Bill Martin
     Founding Partner and Co-Chairman
     Barber Martin Advertising and Public Relations Agency

OutWrite: Thanks for understanding and articulating everything!

Greg Wingfield

     President, GHWingfield Consulting LLC; and Co-Founder of OnBoardRVA
     Senior Fellow, Wilder School, Center For Urban and Regional Analysis at Virginia Commonwealth University

     Former President, Greater Richmond Partnership

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